Services Offered

  • Master planning and programming for museums and cultural institutions to provide architectural teams with guidelines and performance criteria to guide the development of designs
  • Lighting design for museums and historic properties with a concentration in lighting of artwork, historic and sensitive artifacts and structures
  • Residential lighting design and lighting of art objects within a residential context
  • Custom lighting fixture design
  • Exhibition design

Special Areas of Focus 

  • Awareness of conservation requirements for objects held by museums and cultural institutions
  • Problem solving related to the appropriate delivery of light and lighting effects with minimal lighting hardware; hands on experience working with lighting fixtures to achieve maximum performance and the best outcome in terms of aesthetics
  • Familiarity with the organizational and physical requirements of cultural institutions; understanding of the custodianship, care, scholarship, preservation responsibilities of museums and institutions
  • Understanding of programmatic technical, practical, curatorial, conservation and security concerns related to the development of a lighting design for a cultural institution
  • Focus on architectural and art history
  • Experience with the development of custom lighting designs for fixtures and the UL approval process 
  • Comprehensive involvement with total project cost estimation; detailed familiarity with the cost of lighting and control systems
  • Experience with energy compliant lighting design and high efficacy lighting sources

Request for qualifications or proposals upon request.